Saturday, February 21, 2015

Carter's Corner: Bath Time!

One of my favorite things to do with Carter is bath time! I love it, and I'm so glad Carter loves it too! Tonight, while getting him ready for his bath he laughed for the first time! It was amazing :)! Hopefully, he continues to enjoy it (I hear sometimes they start to hate it!). It's the perfect start to our bedtime routine. Here's some of the things that make bath time fun:

Bath toys (Babies R Us) - He doesn't really play with toys yet but I'm sure they'll be great at keeping him entertained. I've read about sealing the holes with a glue gun to keep mold and bacteria from collecting inside, genius idea!

A warm hooded towel (Carter's) -This little elephant is my favorite! We also have a really cute "polar bear" that's also from Carter's. 

Cute washcloths (Babies R Us)- I always keep one on him to keep him warm and he loves playing with it!

Johnson's Lavender wash and lotion - This stuff says it has been clinically proven to help baby sleep better but I haven't noticed a difference if I use other kinds. It smells nice but the Honey Apple is my favorite! It smells aaaaaamazing! I think I might just start using it myself! And of course these are no tears. I obviously don't try getting the soap in his eyes, but this stuff really is no tears. He once got the Burts Bees baby soap in his eye and good god, it didn't end well! I try to give him a nice massage with the lotion but he hates as soon as we take off his towel, no matter how warm the room is!

Summer Infant Lil' Luxuries Whirlpool, Spa, and Shower kit (ordered from Babies R Us) - This did not receive great reviews when I ordered it but I just had to have it! We love it! The bubbles are just enough pressure. Not sure what people were thinking complaining the bubbles aren't strong enough, I mean it is for a baby! There's also a "whirlpool" function for that spa experience lol. The hand held sprayer is great! I can rinse all that soap off easily and Carter loves watching the water stream out of it. The only things I don't really like are how many batteries it takes and the little plastic piece that the "sling" attaches to has a bunch of little grooves making it hard to keep clean. 

Classical music - We listen to classical music on YouTube to help keep him relaxed and calm.

Burt's Bees Baby Soap - This stuff leaves his skin soooo soft! Just keep it away from the eyes!

Water Thermometer (WalMart) - Thank goodness for this thing! I'm always so scared the water will be too hot but this lets me know when it's perfect and if it's too hot or cold! Little red light flashes when it's over 100.

Space heater - Another tip I read online after a few failed "happy bath" attempts. Carter used to scream every time we took him out of the tub, this has really helped. 

And last but not least, a bath book! We just got this one by Sandra Boynton.

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