Saturday, February 7, 2015

Carter's Corner

Welcome to my first post! I figured what better way than to start off with Carter's Corner. I'll post things that Carter and mommy and daddy enjoy, and that begins with books! 

Reading to babies is so important. It is crucial in language development, and not to mention the quality bonding time! We love reading to Carter and have been since bringing him home from the hospital at 3 days old! I read him a story every morning after we wake up and daddy reads to him when he gets home from work. We're always picking up new books for him and adding to his first little library. Here's a few that I recently ordered from Chapters:

We Belong Together by Joyce Wan- An ode to all the pairs that go together as perfectly as a parent and their child, this adorable board book is the perfect companion and follow-up title to You Are My Cupcake. 

You Are My Cupcake by Joyce Wan- This bite-sized board book is an ode to all the names we call our children: cutie pie, sweet pea, peanut, pumpkin. With a candy-colored palette and irresistible art, this is the perfect baby shower gift! 

This is my favorite page from We Belong Together

The pages in Wan's books are playful and vibrant! Her books are my favorite! Joyce Wan also has a fabulous stationary company, check out her website for some really great gift ideas! 

The last book but definitely not least... 

Toot by Leslie Paticelli- Everybody does it: Kitty, Doggy, Daddy-even Mommy! And when Leslie Patricelli's beloved bald baby does it while running, it sounds like a train. This frank and very funny look at a certain noisy body function is perfectly suited to the youngest of listeners, while their giggling older siblings will be happy to read it aloud. 

Oh. My. God. This book lol! The first time I tried to read this I couldn't stop laughing! It's hilarious! Very cute and funny. I'm sure Carter will get a kick out of it when he understands it!

That's it for now but I'm sure I'll be posting some more books and of course other posts quite soon!

Oh, and the little mouse rattle security blanket is from Carter's :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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