Monday, March 30, 2015


I still remember when I first fell in love with designer handbags and this story is kind of embarrassing. Ok, really embarrassing! The first time I heard of Louis Vuitton was thanks to none other than Jessica Simpson. Yes, I just said that. It was an episode of Newlyweds when she took her beautiful Murakami Speedy camping with her (ladies,we all remember this!). I was 18 and I just had to have that bag. I didn't know how much these bags retailed for but I found one on ebay for $300.I saved up and bought it. I couldn't believe I was going to have the same bag as Jessica Simpson! Back then I didn't know they made fake handbags, I'd never even heard of "replica". Sure enough, after learning more about designers, I realized it was fake. I was heartbroken! I have since only purchased my designer things from the actual stores or Neiman Marcus/Saks. I'm not opposed to consignement but only from reputable sources like Malleries or my bestie Joanna at

(My very first LV purchase from Rodeo Drive.)

I don't really splurge on designer handbags or shoes too often. Usually only when I'm on vacation, which hasn't been in quite awhile.

(Last time I was in LA, couple years ago)

So for now a mommy can dream right?! At least until my vacation in November lol! 

So what purse should I buy next???

#1-  Louis Vuitton "Christian Louboutin" Shopping Bag (photos from My two favorite designers teamed up to create one seriously amazing bag! Omg, just look at the inside of this bag. I'm drooling...

#2- Louis Vuitton Lilas Alma (photo from I actually almost bought this purse last year in Vegas and I've been kicking my self in the butt that didn't get it(instead I finally bought my Chanel Grand Shopping tote which happened to be the last one in all of Vegas at the time!). I wish I could find this bag since it is now discontinued! It's definitely the one that got away...

#3- Céline Micro Luggage Bag (photo from I'm not really a fan of small bags but this is just so perfect. I'm obsessed with this color, it really stands out. And I just adore the design and quality of Céline.

#4- Chanel Caviar Jumbo Flap Bag (photo from Chanel is one of those staples in a handbag collection. Every girl needs a Chanel bag! They're flap bags are classic and what better color than this beautiful popping pink!

#5- Louis Vuitton Retiro NM (photo from I love the classic Louis monogram (the first Louis I bought was a classic monogram bag and it has a special place in my heart, even though I'm not a fan of the Montorgueil anymore) The red trim on this just exudes sexy and elegance.

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