Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday Brunch

I love brunch! Honestly, who doesn't enjoy an excuse to have a mimosa with breakfast?! I really wanted to get dolled up and go enjoy a nice brunch with our friends. Looks like it's going to be our new Sunday ritual!
I don't usually wear jumpsuits but I seen this one while literally running in to Marshalls to grab something, I just grabbed it off a rack. Didn't even try it on but I think it fits pretty good! I just love it! The fabric is so soft and comfortable. And the pattern is great!

Outfit Of The Day: Jumpsuit- Sans Souci
                                Bag- Chanel Grand Shopping Tote
                                Shoes- Valentino Rockstuds
                                Hat- Ebay

We decided to try a restaurant called Tempo. We've never been there before but I heard the food was amazing, the pictures on their website are incredible!

Of course we were late. Carter's been so cranky lately and I can't put him down longer than 5 minutes before he loses it! It's impossible to get anything done. There really isn't anything I hate more than being late.I felt really bad that our friends were there waiting for us, but good thing they're understanding! And of course Carter loves seeing his auntie and uncle!

My mimosa was heavenly and the food was amazing! I had the croque madame and Kyle had fish tacos. I can't get over how delicious the fish tacos were!!!That was our first time trying them, definitely not the last! I already want to go back just for those tacos! The portions were pretty big too and the price wasn't bad for the quality and amount of food you get.

I was too busy not paying attention and didn't read that my side salad came with candied pecans (I'm allergic to nuts. Not deathly though, or I would be more careful). I took a bite before realizing what they were but it was a small bite so no reaction! I wish I could eat them because they were actually soooo delicious!

Carter was pretty good at brunch, he really only got a little grumpy towards the end but daddy fed him and he was happy again.

We ran some errands and got some bubble tea (our fave!), now it's time to play before bath and bedtime! Hope everyone enjoyed their Sunday!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Throw back Thursday- Getting Engaged!

After my engagement ring being sent away for awhile and finally getting it back today, I figured I needed to do a little TBT to when I got engaged. It all started with New Years Eve...

New Years Eve.... I have always, always hated New Years Eve. Maybe because I've had to work them for the last 10 years since you just don't get holidays off in the nightclub industry!

Call me a big sulk but it sucks watching everyone party and kiss their special person at midnight and you're just standing waiting for them to hurry the f&*% up and pay for their damn rum and coke already! And that song...Oh my god how depressing is Auld Lang Syne! Lol, I don't sound that bitter do I?!

It's actually been a bit more fun the last few years since I started managing and I can at least run around and celebrate a bit and shoot confetti canons! And of course meeting up with my love for our midnight kiss :)!

This year I finally had NYE off since I'm currently on maternity leave. I had planned on staying in and having chinese food with my mom and Carter but Kyle said I had to come see him at work  because he wanted to make my night special since he knows how much I hate NYE.

He told me to make sure I got dressed up and to meet him downtown. I showed up just before midnight and met him outside of our bar. He took me through one of the side doors that leads up to the roof where he had a guitarist playing one of my favorite songs, "Song Bird" by Fleetwood Mac. He had a photographer, candles lit everywhere, and balloons.

I felt like I was in a dream, it was so incredibly beautiful! I couldn't believe he thought to do all of that :)!!! He said some of the sweetest things and of course I said yes (in between lots of tears)!

We watched the fireworks from the rooftop and we released some of the balloons. It was the most beautiful and thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for me! It was incredible!

It was freezing so I had my huge Canada Goose jacket on. I took it off and we did a couple pics without it but it went back on pretty quickly lol!

Hope you guys enjoy the pics as much as we do :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Night At The Museum

Ok, more like a rainy day at the museum! Today was pretty cold and rainy but we had a great time at the museum. When I heard there was going to be a dinosaur exhibit, I was so excited to go! Carter seemed to have a great time looking at everything too!

After the museum we went to visit my family for a little while before my grandparents go away to Ireland! Carter loves seeing everyone and gets so excited! Poor little guy has been having a rough few days from teething :(, it's so sad! It was nice to see him happy for the afternoon, hopefully this teething pain goes away really soon!

Now time to enjoy some sushi and movies!

Good night :)!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday Strolls

There isn't anything I love more than going out and doing things with my family and our dogs! I love walking around the neighborhood and getting out together.

When I woke up this morning I thought it was pretty warm out so I threw on a sweater and some flats... but as soon as I got out there I was reminded that it is still pretty damn cold! So back on went the winter gear!

I was too cold so we cut our walk short and went for a drive to Starbucks and A&W instead. Hopefully tomorrow will be warmer!

Carter's been really cranky lately, I think he's teething. I bought one of those amber necklaces but I don't think it's doing much. He was so upset tonight after our walk so I just let him fall asleep and cuddle with me on the couch instead of doing his regular bath and bed routine.

If anyone has any tips for teething please share 'em!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Planning Obsessed!

Is anyone out there as obsessed with planning as I am? Seriously, it might be a bit crazy. I love planning things, especially vacations(who doesn't?!) but I plan my vacations months and months in 8 months....

We recently booked a trip to Florida for November. I always get soooo excited I start planning right away! I pretty much have everyday already planned out, including what restaurants we'll eat at and what we'll be doing each day!

I'm so excited for Disney, I literally talk about it every single day! I know Carter won't really be old enough (he'll be 13 months) to understand what's going on or to do too much but I know he'll still have a great time! I can't wait to take him to the water parks and animal kingdom!

(Throw back to Florida 08, geez my hair was white!)

I booked Nov.15th - 24th so we'll be there for the end of The Food and Wine Festival and the start of Christmas time at Disney! The last time I went to the food and wine festival I had such an amazing time! Oh my god the food and drinks are too good! And I've always wanted to go at Christmas time to see the place all lit up. Too bad we didn't book a bit earlier and we could have maybe squeezed in Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios! We're already talking about California next year for that!

I will have every nearby Pinkberry (my daily obsession) mapped out along with Krispy Kreme! I'm so excited for all my favorite restaurants and treats! Too bad there aren't any Sprinkles, I don't know what I'll do about my cupcake fix :(

I'm really glad I ended up buying my gorgeous Erin Condren planner, it's definitely coming in handy with all my lists and schedules. I ended up buying 2 covers because I couldn't decide which I liked more! I know they're pretty pricey but if you're thinking about getting one here's a coupon code for $10 off:

If you guys have any recommendations for spots to visit, restaurants, or things to do in Florida please share :)

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Springtime Nails

My fellow East Coasters, after today I think spring may finally be here! Now I actually feel like getting ready for spring! Good bye snow, you will not be missed!

There's nothing I love more than having a gorgeous manicure and nail polish! I have so much of it, it's pretty ridiculous! I definitely need one of those DIY nail polish racks! Maybe I'll attempt to make one and do a post about it!

Awhile back I was thinking about getting my esthetician license and opening my own nail salon, but after some thought I didn't think I'd be very good at it. Maybe someday.

I spoke with my bestie (Haute Confessions), she owns some very amazing nail salons "The Fixx Nails Boutique" in Edmonton and she says  bright colors and also white nails are currently trending this spring.

My nails are in need of a serious spring makeover, here's a look at some of my inspiration:

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: The Fixx Nails Boutique

Photo: The Fixx Nails Boutique

Photo: Ameblo


Photo: The Fixx Nails Boutique

If you guys are ever in Edmonton go check out my girls salon The Fixx! They're amazing!