Friday, April 3, 2015

Food Friday

You know how people have "cheat day"? Well mine is the opposite, I have "healthy day". I am definitely not into fitness and I have not worked out since last summer when I was pregnant (if swimming/lounging in our pool even counts). I'm addicted to a daily tea with cream and sugar, my weekly cream horn, macarons, donuts, let's just say absolutely anything "unhealthy"!

I really want to get to healthier and in shape, and lose the rest of my "pregnancy" weight. I told myself at 6 months postpartum that I would start really trying by exercising and eating well. It's almost  6 months now so I figure I might as well start.

I have recently cut out my daily (sometimes 2 a day) cans of Coke/Dr.Pepper and switched to Perrier. And now that it is finally getting warmer out, Carter and I have been going for walks.

Hopefully, by putting this on here I will hold myself more accountable and actually follow through!

So, I guess I'll start with "Food Friday" and what I ate today!

Breakfast: One of my favorites, avocado scrambled eggs. I also had a piece of raisin toast with coconut oil and some strawberries.

Snack: Some strawberry yogurt and a handful of almonds

Lunch: Chicken taco lettuce wraps. Omg, these are actually amazing!

Snack: Cucumber with lemon/dill tuna

Dinner: Spaghetti squash lasagna. So damn good! I actually really love spaghetti squash now. I hated it the first time I tried to make it!

Snack: My daily tea and a french macaron (bad, I know)

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