Friday, April 10, 2015

Office Inspiration

I recently started my real estate licensing course so now I need an office! I need a beautiful space where I can study and actually get some work done without the distractions of my dogs and the TV.

I've already started re-doing my current office, it's pretty much done now but I'm just waiting for my man to build me some built-ins on one of the walls. I'll post some before and after picks as soon as it's complete!

Here's some office inspiration that helped me figure out how I'd like mine:

Photo source: Pinterest

My office is probably the only room in the house I'd be allowed to paint pink lol (and my walk-in closet)! Light pink is so girly, and soothing to me. And it would definitely add a touch of glam!

I am obsessed with this gorgeous upholstered office chair
Desk: Hamilton (I believe Target has it)

Gotta have some inspirational gold foil quotes! Stay focused!

Kate Spade Office Essentials

When I first seen the Kate Spade office supplies from Indigo I immediately fell in love. I just adore Kate Spade's bright colors and creative designs! How gorgeous are those bright colored boxes?! And the acrylic accessories are too fab!

Photo source:

This office is so beautiful!!! It reminds me of Barbie and something from Jonathan Adler!!! So gorgeous!

Photo source: Pinterest and Etsy, the direct store link wouldn't work for me,sorry!

This Chanel wall art would make any office glamorous!

Photo source: brooklynberrydesigns

I really love these built-ins! Hopefully Kyle can build me something similar. Can't be that hard, right?!

Photo source: Iheartorganizing

I love this filing cabinet! This would be perfect to help keep me organizing and keep all my papers tidy!

Photo source :

You have got to go check out her beautiful desk tour! I love how she has her desk laid out and how organized she has everything! It's beautiful! And how gorgeous is that rug?! I need one like that to rest my feet on! Looks so comfy!

With offices this beautiful how could you not get any work done?! I'd be in there all the time!

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