Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday Brunch

I love brunch! Honestly, who doesn't enjoy an excuse to have a mimosa with breakfast?! I really wanted to get dolled up and go enjoy a nice brunch with our friends. Looks like it's going to be our new Sunday ritual!
I don't usually wear jumpsuits but I seen this one while literally running in to Marshalls to grab something, I just grabbed it off a rack. Didn't even try it on but I think it fits pretty good! I just love it! The fabric is so soft and comfortable. And the pattern is great!

Outfit Of The Day: Jumpsuit- Sans Souci
                                Bag- Chanel Grand Shopping Tote
                                Shoes- Valentino Rockstuds
                                Hat- Ebay

We decided to try a restaurant called Tempo. We've never been there before but I heard the food was amazing, the pictures on their website are incredible!

Of course we were late. Carter's been so cranky lately and I can't put him down longer than 5 minutes before he loses it! It's impossible to get anything done. There really isn't anything I hate more than being late.I felt really bad that our friends were there waiting for us, but good thing they're understanding! And of course Carter loves seeing his auntie and uncle!

My mimosa was heavenly and the food was amazing! I had the croque madame and Kyle had fish tacos. I can't get over how delicious the fish tacos were!!!That was our first time trying them, definitely not the last! I already want to go back just for those tacos! The portions were pretty big too and the price wasn't bad for the quality and amount of food you get.

I was too busy not paying attention and didn't read that my side salad came with candied pecans (I'm allergic to nuts. Not deathly though, or I would be more careful). I took a bite before realizing what they were but it was a small bite so no reaction! I wish I could eat them because they were actually soooo delicious!

Carter was pretty good at brunch, he really only got a little grumpy towards the end but daddy fed him and he was happy again.

We ran some errands and got some bubble tea (our fave!), now it's time to play before bath and bedtime! Hope everyone enjoyed their Sunday!

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