Thursday, April 9, 2015

Throwback Thursday- California Dreamin

Anyone who knows me knows how much I adore and am obsessed with California. It has a very special place in my heart. It's my favorite place in the world!

It's been a few years now since I've been there, sadly. We were planning on going this fall/winter but instead decided to go to Florida since my love has never been! So until next year I'll just have to keep dreaming and looking at all of my pictures!

I wanted to share some of my favorite places/things to do in Cali. This post is kind of long, with lots of pictures but hopefully you'll enjoy it!

Palm Springs- God I miss this house and eating breakfast by the pool in the mornings! I love Palm Springs! The desert is so beautiful!But what a long drive to LA! We did it every single day for a week, 4hrs+ driving into the city... I definitely don't recommend that! 

The Thompson Beverly Hills (Now 60 Beverly Hills)- One of my favorite hotel chains and especially the Beverly Hills location. The rooftop pool is so amazing (on a side note, The Thompson Toronto roof top is also amazing, check it out if you're ever in TO!). The rooms are awesome and it's in such a great location! I would walk to Rodeo every afternoon!

(and this is what room service looks like when I'm bored and alone in a hotel watching movies lol)

Griffith Park Observatory- So beautiful and such amazing views! Unfortunately I've never been inside. There's so much to do and see here. Can't wait to go back and finally get a chance to see it all!

The Playboy Mansion- obviously one of the funnest places. I miss the grotto, movie night and the food lol! Not to mention the parties, I have been blessed to have gone to some truly incredible events here! Hef's zoo is amazing and the monkeys are too cute! However, I do not miss the scary cranes that chase everyone! They're terrifying!

I sometimes have tickets to events/parties at the mansion so if you're interested let me know :). It's seriously the chance of a lifetime and such a great experience!

Of course I really miss shopping and Rodeo Dr. Even if you aren't shopping, it's so much fun to just walk around, there's so much to see including beautiful cars and of course beautiful people! Can't forget about the other great shopping spots like the outlets, the Beverly Center, The Grove, South Coast Plaza, 3rd Street Promenade and Fashion Island! Such great shopping!

Disney Land! Who doesn't love Disney?! It's the funnest place on earth! Paradise Pier is the best and California Screamin is my favorite ride! The fireworks are incredible!

I would kill for a mint julep from New Orleans Square right now! Honestly, if it weren't for Animal Kingdom, the Aerosmith coaster, and Everest I would never go to Florida, and I'd just stick to Cali!

Santa Monica Pier- such a beautiful spot and so much fun! The views from the top of the Ferris wheel are truly incredible! And the beach is just gorgeous! So much fun stuff to see and do here!

Mastro's...omg. The best meal I've ever had! Damn, why did I look at this...Now I'm craving Mastro's! Everything I've had from there is seriously the best! The brussel sprouts, lobster mashed, pretzel bread, and of course the steak...the list could go on and on! If I had to pick my last meal it would definitely be this!

Yes, I might be super lame for saying this but I hate The Penthouse. The dining room is a zoo! We had them move us downstairs. Sorry but I don't enjoy eating my dinner in basically a "nightclub" and with the random couple next to me. Koi and Katsuya are also awful for that, I can't stand eating so close to strangers! "Excuse me sir, can I try a bite of your sashimi? It looks amazing!" Lol, no thanks!

Besides travelling (and of course Carter), I don't think there's anything my man and I love more than going out to eat! There's so many amazing restaurants in SoCal my post would be way too long if I listed them!

(lol, look how happy he is from that delicious steak!mmmmm)

Sprinkles and Pinkberry are always my first two stops after landing! I'm seriously not kidding! I always pre-order a box of cupcakes so I can just run in and grab them. And then I eat half of them on the drive to Pinkberry!

I need to add Casey's Cupcakes to list. They might actually be better than Sprinkles! They're sinful! And it's owned by the lovely and sweet Casey Reinhardt! I've tried getting her to ship me some lol they're just soooo good!

I can't forget about every single fast food chain we love like In-N-Out, Carl's Jr, and Jack in the box!

And this is why I can't be skinny.... I just love food too much lol!

PCH, Orange County, Newport, and Laguna! The prettiest views I've ever seen. I just love driving around looking at the views and of course the homes in the hills! Such a gorgeous place. Beautiful beaches!

Hope you enjoyed seeing California the way I do. I really need to explore NoCal. I can't wait for Carter to grow up loving California as much as his daddy and I do and I can't wait to go back! 

Next time we're going to drive to San Fran for a few days and do all the touristy stuff!

Feel free to share your favorite spots with me, I'd love to hear about them!

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