Thursday, April 2, 2015

Throwback Thursday! Carter's first photo shoot!!!

My little man is just growing so quickly! I miss when he was just a teeny tiny little guy! Thought I'd share some photos of his first photo shoot and reminisce a little :)

All of these photos were taken by the incredibly talented Shannon Bower. Go check her out

This is my fave! I call it "Grumpy Bear" lol!

This one was hilarious to watch her shoot, every time he breathed the tail would "wag"

It's so hard for me to believe he was this tiny at one point! He's still a pretty tiny little guy but definitely not 5 pounds anymore!

If you live nearby you have to get in with Shannon! I almost couldn't because she was so busy and I was devastated. But luckily for me she had a cancellation and was just able to fit us in! She's so wonderful with babies and has the right touch to get them to camera perfect :)! I can't wait to get back in with her!

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