Friday, May 29, 2015


I always say that if I could have lived during any era I would chose the 70's! I love everything about it!!! The hair (I mean come on, Farrah Fawcett's hair!),the clothes, disco, of course the music. 

Fleetwood Mac is my favorite band, EVER! Gypsy is one of my favorite songs, hence my blog post. I really wanted to go see them in Toronto last year but it was 2 days away from my due date (which ended up being the day after Carter was born) and I definitely couldn't fly anywhere! Well, hopefully I'll have the chance again someday. 

I think I need to throw a 70's themed party! That would be so amazing! I don't even know if I could decide on an outfit, there's so many I would want to choose.These jeans would definitely be one of my main choices!

I'm obsessed with these J Brand flares! I seen a photo of them and ordered them but I ended up with the wrong color. I really want the light ones but I still love these so much! I find them so flattering on every body type! 

Looking back I really wish I would have done my hair more 70's for these pictures. Oh well, looks like I've got some ideas to work on...

Outfit Details: Top- Ardene
                         Flare Jeans- J Brand     
                         Purse and Hat- Ebay
                         Wedge Sandals- GoJane

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