Monday, May 11, 2015

Rainy days and clouds so grey!

Well tonight was supposed to be Kyle's first softball game of the season but unfortunately the field is still damaged from the winter! We were so disappointed! I had even ordered Carter his first snap-back Dodgers hat and picked up a cute little baseball outfit from Babies R Us! It rained so it would have been cancelled anyway but still too bad.

We ended up going to Wal-Mart... I swear, they friggin get us EVERY time! I went in there just to return a toy that Carter ended up with two of. You know, that little fisher price pull telephone we all love :)! $100 later... We ended up with a couple new onesies, a pool float with a canopy (which he actually does need so he doesn't get too much sun!), a new SD card for my camera (no more having to delete pics to take a new one!), and a few other small things. I went the other day with my mom and I ended up leaving with 2 Smurfs for the garden lol! We decided to start avoiding that place.

I was kind of glad it rained so I could finally wear my new Tiffany blue Hunter rain boots! They're children's size 5 and they were half the price! It's awesome, I can get all of my sneakers and boots in kids sizing for literally half price, love it lol! It was too funny, in the mall this little girl made her mom stop to tell me she loved my boots! Too cute!

I went hunting for new prescription glasses but I couldn't decide which ones so I'll have to order them online. I posted a pic on instagram asking everyone to vote since I couldn't decide :)! Feel free to go and vote!

Time to relax now and watch some WWE since it's officially our "weekend"! Yes, I actually love watching wrestling, it's hilarious! |Let's go Naomi!!!

Outfit Details: Rain Coat- North Face
                        Heart Sweater- H & M
                        Jeans: Charlotte Russe
                        Boots: Hunter Kids
                        Purse- Louis Vuitton Montorgueil (no longer avail.)
                        Eyeglasses- Ray-ban 


  1. How cute are those boots! I can't believe that you are a size 5?! So cute and tiny! I would love to have feet that size, mine are gigantic and impossible to find footwear for lol! Well, size 9, but still difficult to find. I am loving your cute, feminine style! You are gorgeous! Thank you for the post!

    1. Thanks so much Novella :)! Believe it or not, sometimes it's impossible to find shoes in my size too! You and little Joseph are too cute! I love looking at all your pics xoxo

  2. those mint green hunters are adorable!
    and so are you :)

    thank u for the note u left on blog - it meant a lot :) xo

    Love Playing DressUp

    1. Thanks so much Neha :) anytime! I just love your page so much! And your instagram! xoxo