Monday, June 1, 2015

Sweater Weather

Today kind of ruined our plans for going to the gun range. It rained all morning and afternoon but ended up pretty nice in the evening.It was a little bit windy and chilly down by the water, definitely sweater weather.

Still searching for peonies. No one has any! I ended up buying some bright daisies for now. The pink ones are so pretty!

Carter is getting even more irritable lately. It seems like he just wants to crawl around and get into everything. Only problem...he can't crawl yet lol. He sees things he wants when I'm holding him and starts freaking out pushing away from me,so I'll put him down but he's not going anywhere lol. Poor guy! Changing his diaper has turned into a real nightmare! He will not sit still and just wiggles all over the place. He's just ready to explore this great big world!

We were going to go to Pitch Perfect 2 but we had so much to do around the house we didn't get a chance to go. Hopefully next week. I really want to see it. I hear it's hilarious. Not that I'm surprised. I watch the first one all the time!

Here's hoping tomorrow is warmer. And the hunt for peonies continues...

Outfit Details: Grey Lace Sweater- Target
                        Black Leggings- Garage
                        Boots- Hunter
                        Sunglasses- Chanel
                        Necklace & Charm Bracelet- Tiffany's 


  1. Love that you took these with the beautifully colored flowers! <3

    1. Thank you so much Hayley! And thanks for checking out my page :)! I really appreciate that!