Saturday, June 27, 2015

Off to the woods we go

Jumpers are so much fun and so perfect when you're in a rush! Just one piece to throw on and you're ready to go! I think this one might be a bit big but I still really like it :)

Outfit Details: Jumper- Ardene
                        Shoes- Red Carpet
                        Purse- Michael Kors

Friday, June 26, 2015

Runaway Train

I've never been on a train before. I think it would be really fun to to go on a trip somewhere by train. Maybe not too long of a ride though lol. I love road trips but only when I can stop and explore random spots along the way!

Our little family is going on a day trip to Lunenburg this week and I can't freakin wait! It is beyond beautiful there and we always have such a great time getting out and exploring together!

Outfit Details: Dress- Forever 21
                        Boots- Charlotte Russe
                        Hat- Ebay

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Peplum Tops and Distressed Jeans

I love Peplum tops! They're so flattering for pretty well every body type! I'm slightly obsessed with my new jeans. I love distressed jeans with heels and these were pretty damn cheap too! I've been searching for the perfect white pair but I think I'm holding out for some Rag n Bone ones!

It was such a hot day today, perfect for a Starbucks shaken black tea! They have these new cheese and raspberry danishes, oh my god they're delicious. If you haven't tried them yet I definitely recommend them!

Outfit Details: Orange Peplum top- Stitches
                        Light wash distressed jeans- Stitches
                        Floral Wedges- Payless
                        Purse- Chanel Grand Shopping Tote
                        Sunglasses- Christian Dior
                        Necklace- Target

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Boardwalks and Yachts

Today started off so cloudy and gloomy and I figured what a perfect day to finally get my nails done after the other nights mishap!

It ended up being so hot and beautiful out (of course while I was stuck inside lol!) we decided to take a family walk on the beautiful boardwalk and watch the boats.

We took Carter to the zoo yesterday and we let him decide which stuffed animal he wanted. We showed him four different ones and he just went nuts when he seen the wolf! He loves it so much, it's so damn cute!

This dress was so perfect for the boardwalk, it would be even more perfect on a yacht lol!

Outfit Details: Maxi Dress- Stitches
                        Shoes- Christian Louboutin
                        Sunglasses- Chanel

Carter's Outfit: Palm Tree Onesie- Joe Fresh

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Last Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's day is tomorrow and in case you need some last minute ideas, here are some quick and easy gifts!

A nice pair of sunglasses. Kyle and I bought Ray-Bans for each other for mother's and father's day since we love them so much. His all black ones are so nice!

A "Dads" gift basket filled with some of dads favorite things. Favorite barbecue sauce, some Dad's soda, beard oil, favorite candies, a nice new coffee mug, a bottle opener, some golf accessories, any little things dad loves.

A new phone case.

A new tie or belt.

A sweet book for dad to read to the baby :).I bought "The best daddy in the world". It's so cute!

A personalized fridge magnet, calendar or another personalized item from Shutterfly. That's not really last minute appropriate but definitely good for future gift ideas! I buy so much stuff from here for gifts and myself! I love it! Also, if you sign up for their emails, they send you free gifts all the time!

Make something with the baby or kids. I bought a little canvas and let Carter play with the paint. Then I put his painted feet on it. It's so cute and very sweet.

Hopefully these helped! Happy Father's Day :)! 

Friday, June 19, 2015

Gloomy Days and Chemical Reactions!

Today was such a gloomy day it was perfect to get some errands done! I'm obsessed with anything that has a mustache on it and when I found this sweater last year I fell in love with it! I completely forgot about it and just found it the other night while cleaning out my closet!

I don't know if you guys remember me telling you about how I wanted to open my own nail salon and take a nail course. Anyway, I gave up on that idea but have been doing (ok, trying to do) my own acrylic nails at home.

Well tonight I just kept making a huge mess and spilled a bottle of nail glue all over my desk. I grabbed a piece of paper towel to clean it up and started "soaking it up"....

Next thing you know it started getting super hot and burning my fingers so I dropped it. Then it started smoking. OMFG I freaked out and ran to the bathroom next door and threw it in the toilet! It was crazy! Thank god nothing happened but it was definitely very scary. Geez, I have all these acrylic powders and liquid chemicals everywhere, it could have been really bad!

Anyway after that crazy s&*t I decided to throw out all that nail stuff I ordered from ebay lol and stick to a professional! Not to mention, my beautiful new glass top office desk is royally f*&^ked!

And ladies, that's why you should always treat yourself to getting your nails done at the salon!

Outfit Details: Mustache Sweater- Ardene

                        Jeans- London (I think Stitches)
                        Black Suede Wedges- Wal-Mart
                        Purse- Ebay
                        Scarf on purse and necklace- Tiffany's
                        New Eyeglasses- Michael Kors

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Halifax Food Truck Party

Man, who doesn't freakin love food trucks?! Seriously, anytime I see a food truck I NEED to go and get something. When a friend posted on facebook about this party tonight, we just had to go!

It was mayhem! The lines were insane. A few spots weren't too bad but we waited in line for tacos for an hour. Oh my god. They were so worth it! My fish taco had some pineapple sauce, it was so amazingly I want another one soooo bad!

We had the best damn grilled cheese, delicious gourmet mac and cheese (they had pulled pork, brisket, and traditional), and some waffles on a stick, yummm. 

We showed up an hour before they closed so a lot of the trucks were sold out. We missed out on some really good ones unfortunately but at least we can check their usual schedule and go try them!

(Sorry for the blurry pic but this was the greatest fish taco ever!)

Outfit Details: Top- Ardene
                        White Denim- Bluenotes
                        Flip Flops. and necklace- Ardene
                        Watch- Michael Kors
                        Multi Bracelet- Aldo
                        Bangles- Kate Spade
                        Hat- Can't remember

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Flower Power!

There is nothing prettier than when all the flowers are in full bloom. We have a huge rhododendron bush in the front of our house that I have been cutting and trimming for the last year. It's such a beautiful plant but it is HUGE! I'm debating on cutting the whole thing and just landscaping with some little hostas and mulch but the flowers are just so pretty, I'm afraid I might miss them!

Carter is 8 months old today! I can't believe in just 4 months I have to go back to work :(. I'm absolutely heartbroken! I wish I could stay home with him everyday! It's just insane how much has changed since last month! He is now just crawling (I guess more like dragging himself lol) all over the place! He somewhat feeds himself with his spoon and eats little Baby Mum Mum cookies. And does he ever love Bentley! Lol he must think she's a fluffy little lion. He just goes crazy for her! He likes the Precious our Chihuahua too but he just adores our little crazy Pom.

I went and picked up some more beautiful peonies the florist ordered in for me :). They're are seriously the most beautiful flower! And I love the smell! Kyle thinks they smell kind of minty. I'm not sure what they smell like lol, just fresh I guess! I think I'm going to get some bulbs and try to plant some.... not that I will have any luck with it anyway. My 3 rhodos I tried to plant in the back yard bloomed for a couple days and now they look completely dead....I don't know what I did wrong!

My outfit for the day was perfect for today's whole "floral theme"! It was so bright and fun, and super girly!


Outfit Details:  Floral Top- Garage Clothing
                         Pink Denim- Parisian (Winners I think)
                         Wedges- Payless Shoes
                         Sunglasses- Ray-Ban
                         Purse- Kate Spade 
                         Purple Bangles- Kate Spade 
                         Other Bracelets- Ardene

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Black on Black

There is something so chic and classy about wearing all black. It's flattering for every body type and you don't really have to worry about certain pieces matching when they're all the same color.Pretty much anything all black together looks amazing!

And there's nothing like a gorgeous pair of Louboutins to make the oufit stand out! These were my very first pair and they hold a very special spot in my heart! I loved these because they match pretty much everything and they go really well with jeans and everyday outfits. Then again, Louboutin goes with everything!

Tonight was movie night and we ended up going to Jurassic Park with my girlfriend who is staying with us for the summer. It was sooooo good! Mind you, I've been waiting for a remake for years and years now. And I'm in love with Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt! Loved these two in this movie! She is actually very talented! Check out her crying on cue on Conan, it's amazing and pretty freakin hilarious! The graphics were amazing! That island looks so beautiful. The park reminds me of Universal City Walk haha!

Carter had about 3 days straight where he was just so good and happy, and then he went back to being a little grumpy bear. I wish I could figure out what is getting him so grumpy? I guess it's just a baby thing lol. Who knows, this is my first time at parenting ;)

Outfit Details: Peplum Leatherette Top- Suzy Shier

                        Leggins- Ardene
                        Shoes- Christian Louboutin Hyper Prive (no longer avail.)
                        Purse- Chanel Grand ShoppingTote
                        Sunglasses- Chanel
                        Necklace- Ardene
                        Watch and Bracelet- Michael Kors