Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Stroll Through The Gardens

The hunt is over! I finally found some peonies! They're so gorgeous, they just make our home feel so much more glam lol!

Today was a pretty awesome day! Carter had his pediatrician visit and she did say he is still pretty under weight and we need to fatten him up (not awesome news). But... he crawled for the first time today! I was in tears! It was so cute. He also had his first baby "mum mum". It was so funny to watch him sucking away on this weird little rice cookie/cracker and mushing it everywhere in his little fists and all over his high chair tray (which was also super disgusting to clean lol, like a wet soggy cheesy, yummm)!

(Lol I think he likes it!)

The doctor wants us to give him butter in his food which actually sounds pretty crazy to me and beef stew with gravy. Doesn't it seem super weird to be giving an 8 month old butter and gravy??? I need to do some research on this before giving it to him. I don't want to give him any salt yet!

After Carters appointment we went for a little stroll through the public gardens. I love this place so much, but really, who doesn't?! It's so beautiful. We didn't get a chance to see the swans or the ducks (my favorite part) so we'll have to go back soon when we have more time.

Apparently tomorrow is going to rain, fingers crossed we get some sun :)

 Outfit Details: Pink Plaid Shirt- Aeropostal
                         White Denim- Bianco
                         Sneakers- Payless
                         Purse- Louis Vuitton Speedy
                         Sunglasses- Ray-Ban

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