Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Boardwalks and Yachts

Today started off so cloudy and gloomy and I figured what a perfect day to finally get my nails done after the other nights mishap!

It ended up being so hot and beautiful out (of course while I was stuck inside lol!) we decided to take a family walk on the beautiful boardwalk and watch the boats.

We took Carter to the zoo yesterday and we let him decide which stuffed animal he wanted. We showed him four different ones and he just went nuts when he seen the wolf! He loves it so much, it's so damn cute!

This dress was so perfect for the boardwalk, it would be even more perfect on a yacht lol!

Outfit Details: Maxi Dress- Stitches
                        Shoes- Christian Louboutin
                        Sunglasses- Chanel

Carter's Outfit: Palm Tree Onesie- Joe Fresh

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