Monday, June 1, 2015

May Faves...and not so much

I can't believe May is over already! It feels like this year is going by soooo fast! June is one of my favorite months, it's the beginning of summer! I just can't wait to lay in the pool, take Carter to the beach and to our cottage! Summer is always the best time of the year!

Well, here is my list of my faves and not so much for May!

MAC Cool/Neutral Eye shadow Palette: Omg, the colors in this palette are perfection! They are the perfect everyday colors and there's some really gorgeous dark ones for the perfect smokey-eye look.

Batiste "Tropical" Dry shampoo: This stuff is amaaaazing! I love the smell of it so much. It smells like coconut and just reminds me of the beach. It goes on pretty white so you really have to brush/blend it all in but it's great at covering blonde roots and it gives really great volume!

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Hair Mist: This is one of my new favorite scents. It smells so incredible and it's so perfect for the spring/summer! I really love this hair mist, it's great for when I curl my hair, it's just so bouncy and smells amazing.

Drop Dead Diva: I actually really like this show, lol it is kind of corny but I like it! I was out of a new series to watch and this was in my Netflix recommendations. Good job Netflix! Unfortunately I went through it so fast and now I'm one the final season :(

And not so much...

Batiste "Original" Dry shampoo: I really love the tropical and the pink one ( I think it's extra volume?) but I really did not like original. I didn't really find it smelled great or do as much as the others. It's not horrible, just the other kinds are so much better!

Amber teething necklace: I did quite a bit of research on this before buying it and I asked about a dozen friends who have tried. Every single one of them said it worked and was amazing. I will say it does make a difference with drooling. It seemed like Carter would be drooling like crazy and I'd put that on and it would just stop. As for the fussiness, I don't think it did a thing! Carter has been extra crazy lately. I don't know if it is from teething though or that he just really wants to explore everything and won't sleep. He is constantly trying to put things in his mouth and drooling so it seems like he is teething. Maybe it's just another stage mixed with teething.

Peonies: The hunt still continues. It is so frustrating! I was told that their season is just starting in the next couple weeks so hopefully there will be some around soon!

I can't wait for an amazing June :)

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