Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Flower Power!

There is nothing prettier than when all the flowers are in full bloom. We have a huge rhododendron bush in the front of our house that I have been cutting and trimming for the last year. It's such a beautiful plant but it is HUGE! I'm debating on cutting the whole thing and just landscaping with some little hostas and mulch but the flowers are just so pretty, I'm afraid I might miss them!

Carter is 8 months old today! I can't believe in just 4 months I have to go back to work :(. I'm absolutely heartbroken! I wish I could stay home with him everyday! It's just insane how much has changed since last month! He is now just crawling (I guess more like dragging himself lol) all over the place! He somewhat feeds himself with his spoon and eats little Baby Mum Mum cookies. And does he ever love Bentley! Lol he must think she's a fluffy little lion. He just goes crazy for her! He likes the Precious our Chihuahua too but he just adores our little crazy Pom.

I went and picked up some more beautiful peonies the florist ordered in for me :). They're are seriously the most beautiful flower! And I love the smell! Kyle thinks they smell kind of minty. I'm not sure what they smell like lol, just fresh I guess! I think I'm going to get some bulbs and try to plant some.... not that I will have any luck with it anyway. My 3 rhodos I tried to plant in the back yard bloomed for a couple days and now they look completely dead....I don't know what I did wrong!

My outfit for the day was perfect for today's whole "floral theme"! It was so bright and fun, and super girly!


Outfit Details:  Floral Top- Garage Clothing
                         Pink Denim- Parisian (Winners I think)
                         Wedges- Payless Shoes
                         Sunglasses- Ray-Ban
                         Purse- Kate Spade 
                         Purple Bangles- Kate Spade 
                         Other Bracelets- Ardene

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