Thursday, July 16, 2015

Halifax Food Truck Party- July Edition

Last month's food truck party was so awesome but by the time we showed up most of the trucks were sold out! This time I had a plan....


1. Get there early- I wanted to get there right when it started but we got there about 30 minutes after it opened. Some of the lines were still crazy and we missed out on a couple things we wanted but most trucks weren't too bad. About a 10-15 minute wait. Last time we waited an hour for fish tacos and they were still worth it! I'm sure if we stayed the whole time we would have gotten to try everything but we were so full after an hour we just couldn't do it!

2. Make a plan- I'm a total weirdo and stalked their facebook page to see what trucks would be there. I then went to each trucks page and checked out their menus to figure out what I wanted ahead of time. By the time I got there I had it all figured out!

3. Divide and conquer- This is the best tip! It will save you a lot of waiting and you'll get a great variety. Go with a few friends and each take a line. Buy a few things for each other and meet up and share your goodies!

4. Bring cash- Some of the trucks take debit/credit but I think most only take cash. Plus it's so much easier and quicker for everyone!

5. Don't bring any big or heavy items- And if you do, make it a stroller! I stocked up on food! Lol everyone was teasing me because I had a huge stash in the bottom of Carter's stroller! I'm actually enjoying some delicious leftovers while writing this post! I'm so glad for the stroller and that I don't have to carry a huge heavy purse all over the place! Plus trying to juggle food and drinks gets a bit challenging and messy!

6. Have a good time- Don't bitch and complain the whole time you're there about long lines, crowds, and waiting. It's a pretty popular thing and gets really busy! If you don't have patience, stay home!

This event was so much fun and I really love that it's also dog friendly! Many of the vendors were out offering people bowls of water for their dogs and there was even a little doggie booth with some treats for them!

A huge thank you to The Coast for putting these parties together and to the truck vendors for all of their hard work and delicious treats! It's really hard to get to some of these trucks on their regular schedules so getting my fix once a month at these parties keeps me happy and satisfied lol!

Did you make it to the Halifax Food Truck Party? What was your favorite thing? If you couldn't make it be sure to check them out next month in Dartmouth at Kings Wharf! Here's their Facebook page for more info.

 Carter's ready to try it all!

 This is my favorite truck "Taco Stiles" and my first stop! Their fish tacos are to die for and so are the Taco fries...Omg so damn good!

 One of our favorites "Ol' School Doughnuts", we go see them all the time! Try the Boston Cream and the maple bacon! Incredible! Their line was huge!

 "Kitchen Door Catering Company" Mac N Cheese. The Chicken fiesta was the best! Those little nacho chips were crunchy goodness!
  My man's on a mission!

 Mmmm Taco Fries....Heaven!
 "Lemon Dogs Lemonade" The cucumber was my favorite, and the strawberry cherry was pretty good too! I didn't really like the Strawberry & Bitters as much as I thought I would but it was still good.

"Morris East" Wood fired s'mores....Oooey Goooey Goodness!

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