Thursday, July 2, 2015

Louboutin So Kate

I fell in love with these babies when I seen them online and I just had to have them! Ladies, I'm not going to sugar coat it....These shoes are the DEVIL! They are pure friggin evil! Sure they don't look evil. They look beautiful with suede so soft, that gorgeous candy apple red bottom, popping purple, and the daintiest, highest heel to make you closer to heaven while making your legs look longer (great for short bitches like me lol!). But don't let those looks fool you! The devil wears red ;)

I had heard from so many Louboutin high heel pros that these are damn near impossible to walk in. But of course that didn't stop me! I thought to myself; fret not, how hard could it really be?! I mean, I do have some pretty high Loubs already so it can't be that bad...

Oh it's bad! Most complaints I heard were the toe box is too narrow and really pinches your feet. Well I ordered a 1/2 size up. Problem solved, right? Nope! My issue is the arch. That arch is sooooo high! All of my other really high shoes have a platform, so that really helps. Without the platform it really does put your foot in such an awkward position. And since I ordered up, they're a tad too big! I had read about sizing issues with the So Kate and the Pigalle but I thought these would be fine. I definitely recommend trying them on before buying! Unfortunately for me that isn't an option as the nearest store is a plane ride away!

They don't really hurt my feet, they just feel awkward. Hopefully some practice will get me used to these bad boys, and maybe some inserts. They really are beautiful! I've had nude pigalles on my list for years now but I may have to do the platos or at least the 100's.

Do you have a pair of shoes that you adore but are impossible to walk in? How do you make them more comfortable?

Outfit Details: Top- La Classe Couture (can't remember where I bought it)
                        Lace Skirt- Stitches
                        Shoes- Louboutin So Kate
                        Purse- Chanel Grand Shopping Tote
                        Sunglasses- Ray-Ban
                        Watch- Michael Kors
                        Purple Bangle- Kate Spade
                        Necklace- Ardene

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