Monday, August 10, 2015

Peach Party Sangria

What is more delicious than sipping on a fruity sangria?! Plus all that fruit obviously makes them super healthy! Yeah, that's what we'll keep telling ourselves ;)!

I haven't had peaches in forever, they aren't really something I think to buy but once I have them I remember how damn delicious they are! They are so perfect for a sangria.

This is the first time I made this and oh man was it amazing, but be forewarned, it can be very dangerous!

Peach Party Sangria

-3 Peaches
-2 Apples
-Handful of Strawberries
-White Wine

I used a bottle of GGI Moscato from Pete's Frootique and I got about 4.5 glasses. I've seen other recipes where they add sparkling water so you could definitely get more out of it but I bought a "frizzante" Moscato, basically slightly less effervescent than Champagne (great for those who find champs to fizzy!) Frizzante wines have tiny bubbles, offering a fresh carbonation/fizz while masking the wine's sweetness. They are delicious and refreshing, I definitely recommend you try some if you haven't!

The sangria was extremely easy to make! Cut your fruit, throw it in a pitcher, and add your wine! You can let it sit for a few hours so the fruit soaks up that delicious wine, I mean that is the "healthy" part right?!

Now like I said, these can be dangerous. Maybe it's the fact that I'm not a huge drinker plus a combination of the "bubbles" but not even kidding, after a few sips it was getting to me! Next time I might add the sparkling water to dilute it a bit and to get more glasses from one bottle.

I hope you guys enjoy this recipe! You can add basically any fruit you'd like to any wine you'd like and come up with some fabulous sangrias! If you have any you like and any tips please feel free to share with us :)


  1. oh my God.. the recipe is super easy!! and it looks so delish...:)

    Love Playing DressUp

    1. Thanks love! It is sooo good but dangerous :)!