Sunday, August 23, 2015

Top Knots and Starbucks, with a side of Louboutin

Some days you just need to throw your hair up in a top knot, throw on your favorite Louboutins, and go grab a Starbucks. Ok, everyday is perfect for all of the above!

I'm a creature of habit when it comes to food/drinks. I don't really order something different when I go out, I always order the same meals, right from the appetizer all the way to dessert. Same goes with Starbucks and Tim Horton's. I keep ordering the same thing for a few months or so and then I'll switch up the rotation to something else for the next few months. Weird, I know. I'm talking about you McDonald's, and your damn chicken nuggets. I won't have McD's for months, but the second someone else mentions it I have to get something. Then, I find I'm having the same thing a couple times a week for about a month. Horrible, I know. I'm ashamed of myself!

Right now my current Starbucks fave is their Peach Tea Latte. It is so friggin delicious! They used to have a Peach Blossom tea latte made with blossoming peach syrup with delicious little candied peach toppings but unfortunately they don't carry the stuff to make it anymore, so I just get one made with their peach flavored earl grey! If you haven't had it, I definitely recommend you try!

I also tried their new Beef Brisket today and let me just tell you that thing is heavenly! I was actually quite surprised with how much meat there is inside! I downed it, didn't even save Kyle a piece. Shameful. I was already embarrassed enough this morning when Kyle and my friend Megan found out I ate almost a whole McCain deep n delicious cake to myself as they went to get themselves a piece.... There goes eating healthy.

I used to have a crazy Starbucks addiction. There have been many days I have gone into work with two different drinks (almost always some type of latte and a shaken black tea) just for myself. I've toned it down a bit to once/twice a week. I just love to have a tea when going to bed, especially with a cookie or a pretty little macaron! It just makes me feel so relaxed.

What is your favorite Starbucks drink and favorite way to relax or go to bed?

Outfit Details: Long Hooded Sweater- Wal-Mart
                        Jeans- London fit from Stitches
                        Shoes- Christian Louboutin So Kate's
                        Purse- Chanel Grand Shopping Tote
                        Watch- Michael Kors (similar)