Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Goodbye Summer

Well, the time has come. August is gone and over.

I am very sad that summer is officially over :(. I had such a great summer watching Carter play at the beach, taking him to the cottage with our family, and also having my girlfriend Megan stay with us for the last few months. Not to mention how sweet it was not having to work all summer lol thanks to maternity leave!

I though I'd put together a list of some of my favorite looks I wore this summer :)!

#1- This is probably what I am most comfortable in and my favorite look to wear. Jeans, a sweater, and heels. Not just any heels of course, but my favorite shoe designer Christian Louboutin. This was also one of my most liked photos on instagram so I'm guessing you guys also enjoy this look.

More photos and look details here

#2- I fell in love with this floral romper when I laid eyes on it at Marshalls. I love wearing blue, I just find it looks really great on blondes and I really love the fact that this has sleeves. Most rompers I have are little tank top style ones and this one just feels so classy and much more dressy. I mentioned to one of my girlfriends that I never try looks like this with the whole braid and head band like that. I find for some reason when I try to wear headbands that way they look really weird on me. This look felt really boho-chic which I am extremely obsessed with. I'm just trying to find ways to make it work for my body type. I can't forget about the shoes. One of my new favorite pairs of shoes. They are soooo high and I love the chunky heel and platform on these bad boys! Thank you Shoedazzle!

 Outfit Details: Long sleeved floral romper- Marshalls
                         Purse- Ebay
                         Shoes- Shoedazzle (a bit more about shoedazzle here)
                         Sunglasses- Rayban
                         Headband- Ardene

#3- I am obsessed with this swimsuit cover up from Wal-Mart! Not only was it on sale for $12 but it is so gorgeous! It looks so great at the beach but it also looks amazing with a plain cotton dress underneath as a dress on its own and the belt tied around the waist just puts it all together so nicely. These Michael Kors sandals also deserve some attention. I just love the gold zipper on these!

More photos and look details here

#4- I have always had this crazy housewife obsession. Okay, that sounds weird lol. I've always wanted to do a housewife type of photo shoot and wear a little 50's housewife style dress. When I seen this dress which is also from Marshalls (seriously though, they have the BEST finds!) I nearly died! It was beyond perfect! Just what I had always been searching for. The pattern and color is just beautiful and the fit and style just makes me feel so happy and girly!  I thought my purple So Kates just went perfectly with it and the pictures turned out so cute and colorful, they're definitely some of my favorites!

More photos and look details here

#5- A little lace dress exactly like this had been on my want list forever! I couldn't believe it when it seen it on the sale rack at Forever 21! It doesn't fit perfectly, it's a bit big around the waist but sometimes it is nice to have a bit of room lol! Also if you read my post here about this dress you'll understand why I didn't have it taken in :). I just love the look of a lace mini dress with booties and no surprise here these Louboutin Military booties were just perfect for this look!

More photos and look info here

#6 My favorite maxi dress had to make this list! I love this look so much and it is so easy! These hats always look great with a dress and the little pig tails were just so easy and summery. This really is the perfect summer look! Not to mention I adore these pictures with Carter! He just gets so happy and smiley when the camera is around. I don't know where he gets that from :)!

More photos and look info here

I hope you guys enjoyed these looks and I hope you had an amazing summer as well. Here's hoping for a fabulous fall!

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  1. Oh my God - you rocked every piece like nobody's business!! so chic :) xo

    Love Playing DressUp