Thursday, September 3, 2015

Passing Along Good Karma

We recently had my friend Megan stay with us for the whole summer. 

It was so great having her around to relax with out in the yard, watch movies (she had never seen Pitch Perfect! I made her watch it lol), go to the beach, and to just sit and talk to.

The day before Megan left she gave me my favorite bottle of Champagne and a beautiful little wrapped silver box with the prettiest necklace in it.

She told me that us letting her stay with us was extremely nice of us and that it was good karma because we had done something good. The necklace has 3 beautiful little rings that she explained represent myself, Kyle, and Carter.

It is such a beautiful necklace, it's so pretty and sparkly and I just adore the special meaning behind it. She has such a beautiful heart and is actually one of the nicest people I know. She would do anything for anyone and is always there when you need her. The summer brought Megan and I so much closer together and I'm so happy to say that she is one of my best friends and will stay in our lives for a very long time and I really miss having my roomie!

Love you so much Megan, miss you xoxoxo

Outfit Details: White Lace Peplum Top- Target similar here
                        Blush Pink Denim- Stitches similar here
                        Hot Pink Pumps- GoJane similar here and here
                        Purse and coin purse- Louis Vuitton coin purse, purse no longer avail.

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