Friday, October 9, 2015

Apple Picking And Family Time

On Kyle's days off I love planning fun things to do together. This week we went apple picking! I remember apple picking on school trips and it was always so much fun. I'm so excited that I can now do it with my own little family :)!

There's this awesome abandoned building on the way and we've driven past it so many times and I've always wanted to stop so this time we made sure to have a little impromptu photo shoot lol!
I don't know why but this reminds me of Terminus from The Walking Dead (which I am beyond thrilled comes back on the 11th!) so naturally I am obsessed. Anything creepy or freaky and I'm obsessed!

I've had this dress for a year now! Not even kidding, I bought it last year after my birthday and hadn't worn it once. I was waiting for fall and the perfect day. I thought this would be the most perfect Apple picking outfit! I love the colors of this dress and the longer sleeves.

I loved the little petting area with the goats! So cute! We fed them ice cream cones filled with dried corn, lol they went nuts!

Carter was going crazy playing with the apple we gave him! So cute, he was freaking out :)

Now I've got to start some baking. Looks like there will be lots of apple pie, apple crisp, and apple sauce!

DRESS: Forever21 // HAT: Ebay  //  VEST: Urban Behaviour (similar) // BOOTIES: Shoedazzle


  1. That looks like a super fun experience! I wanna go apple picking, i have never been. Your family is so cute. Love your dress too, beautiful! <3

    -Lily from With Love Lily Rose

  2. Oh my God - these pictures are too cute!!
    love your outfit & cant wait to see what you bake :) xx

    Love Playing DressUp

  3. Love it! I hope you enjoyed you valley adventures :)

  4. you look like a model here Amanda - so chic :)
    you have a beautiful family - xo

    Love Playing DressUp