Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Perfect Valentine's Day Maternity Dress! And it was only $13.00!!!

I always hated Valentine's Day until I started seeing my fiancee! We went out on our first date on Valentine's day 7 years ago and he was so sweet and it was such a beautiful night. This year will be 7 years since we've been together and I just can't believe how quickly it has gone by! We now have our own home, careers, the sweetest little 3 year old boy and a sweet little baby girl due right before Easter! It's crazy how much changes in 7 years, and I'm so thankful and blessed!

(This picture actually wasn't staged lol, I swear! I got a call about a real estate deal and we just went with it!)

Now, as beautiful as our Valentine's day was 7 years ago, I will say that I really hate going out on the 14th. It's always so busy as everyone goes out for love day, and restaurants tend to do a fixed menu which I just ain't feelin!  We always end up celebrating the day before or after and it's always so quiet wherever we end up. Last year we had the restaurant to ourselves and it was amazing!

I really wanted to make this one special but being so far into my pregnancy I was worried I would be a frumpy mess lol! Luckily, I have found this amazing clothing company and they seriously have the prettiest maternity clothes!!!! My dress was $13!!! CANADIAN! Do you know how cheap that is?! It's about $10 American! I couldn't believe it! It's so gorgeous and I'll still be able to wear it once I'm no longer pregnant as it's super stretchy! It's also surprisingly really comfortable! You can dress it up like I did or you can throw on some sandals for a more casual day out in the sunshine! Now, I will mention that they only have it left in size 4 but I will link a similar one that is still a great price with the same company and same look!

Dress: BooHoo (similar here) | Shoes: Christian Louboutin (sold out) (black and red here) (similar style here) and (similar cheaper brand here)| Purse: Chanel (bought at Chanel boutique, second hand avail. here) | Sunglasses: Chanel | Bag Pom: Michael Kors | Guest Star: My little Bentley The Pom <3!

How do you feel about "Love Day" and what are your plans?!

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