Thursday, March 8, 2018

February Faves!!!

Since February was "Love Month" I figured I really should do a "February Faves" post and share my favourite things (most of them being pink!). I'm going to start doing a "monthly faves" and maybe work towards Youtube videos....we'll see about that one though lol. I'm not really a big video person but I like to think I'll do it!

Anyway, let's get to it!

Batiste "Sweetie" Limited Edition Dry Shampoo: I have a love-hate relationship with dry shampoo. I find that I can never find one that I actually like or that works well. This stuff is awesome! I love the smell of it. It has delicious hints of raspberry and vanilla. I find you also don't have to use a whole bunch of it to get your hair look fresh and grease free!  Available here 

Ikea "Sommar 2018" candle: This smells soooo darn good, like apricot and ice cream! I love that it has the two-tiered colours of pink and orange and fits in with my bright and spring theme in our home right now. Available here 

Too Faced Peach Perfect Mattifying Setting Powder: Holy crap! I freaking looooove the smell of this! Seriously I can't tell you enough how good it is. I buy stuff from Sephora online because I like all the perks you get like the 3 free samples and the free extra trials of products or gift bags. I waited on this until I could go check it out in the store because I wasn't sure if it would really be worth $40 for a powder just because it might "smell delicious". Sure enough, I fell in love with it in the store and went home and placed my order! It smells so damn good, literally every time I use it I just want to eat it lol! I really love the coverage of it and it doesn't feel heavy or look cakey like most powders I try. This is definitely my new go-to! Available here

Lindt Strawberries and Cream Truffles: I am ADDICTED (and I really mean it, I've got bins full of truffles in our pantry lol) to Lindt chocolate. I absolutely love them and the fact they give you a free sample when you go in, yummmm! I couldn't believe I found a Groupon offering $30 for $15 (sadly it's no longer available)! I took full advantage of that and went to stock up on some goodies! These were perfect for Valentine's Day. I'm not a white chocolate fan but I really love the chocolate truffles with white chocolate filling, the best of both worlds! My favourite flavour of their truffles is the Milk Chocolate Coconut! These are white chocolate with strawberry and cream filling but I really love them. They're sooooo good and they just melt in your mouth! Available here

Nature's Bounty Hair, Skin, and Nails Gummies: I seen these posted on my friends facebook after she was asking about help with hair loss after having a baby and I figured I would try them. They taste amazing, like little delicious strawberry candies! I could seriously eat them by the handful lol! I just started them about a week ago so I can't say if they're actually doing anything yet but they tasted yummy and they weren't too expensive! I'll keep you guys updated! Available here

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (Waterproof version): I usually buy about 3 different mascaras at a time and layer them so I typically just buy the mini versions. I always come back to this one! I have very thin and sparse lashes and I hate wearing falsies because I really suck at putting them on! This stuff really does make a difference. I love the wand and brush, easy application and it gets all of my lashes. My lashes look fuller and longer and I love the intense black colour, great for days when I don't want to wear full makeup! The only thing that annoys me about it is it is quite hard to get off (which is great in certain situations and why I buy the waterproof) but there's always remnants of it the following morning after scrubbing it off the night before. I believe they their own makeup remover for it which probably would do the trick but I like my cheaper makeup clothes lol. Available here

Hello FAB Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer (First Aid Beauty): I loooove this stuff!!! Again with the trial sizes... I switch up my primers so much that I like to order the trial versions to try new ones. This one I will be keeping and ordering in the full size for sure! It smells so good (as you can tell, smells really get me!) and I love how it goes on. It's extremely moisturizing which is so great because I have very dry skin. It's lightweight and it's a great base for my foundation. I really love this stuff! Available here

Ebates: If you prefer to do your shopping online like I do, you absolutely need Ebates! All you do is sign up and choose the store you want to shop at from their site (they have tons of great shops like Sephora, Forever 21, and Amazon). They do a percentage in cash back just for shopping through their site and they also have coupon codes for some stores like Sephora offering trial sizes or gifts with purchase! I've made about $135.00 from them just by clicking on their link before going to my selected store (usually always Sephora lol) and it just goes right into my PayPal! It's great and I definitely recommend signing up! Sign up here 

What have been some of your favourites lately? If you have anything you've been loving from beauty products to movies, please share below. I would love to check them out :)!


  1. So many goodies, I've been dying to try that mascara!
    xx- Nina

    1. Thank you Nina :)! You should try it! It's wonderful!

      Amanda xo