Monday, April 16, 2018

Hello, My Name Is Kennedy!

(Pretty little "Hello My Name Is" sticker info at the bottom! Check them out!!!)

She’s finally here!!! Well, I guess I’m a bit late as baby Kennedy is now 4 weeks old. We have been so busy this last month, I’m just finally getting around to doing a blog post!

Kennedy decided to show up 3 weeks early and we literally had nothing done or ready! I didn't have a hospital bag or diaper bag ready, the nursery wasn't set up, and we had no diapers lol!

My water had broken on March 19th in the middle of the afternoon. I messaged Kyle asking for an emergency # in case I needed to get ahold of him thinking my water might have broken. For some reason I told myself there was no way that’s what happened and just forgot about it. We were scheduled to be induced the following week. Hours later I thought I should probably go to the hospital and get checked out just in case. Once Kyle got home we scrambled and ran around getting hospital and diaper bags ready just in case.

We got to the hospital around 8:30pm and waited for hours with a very hyper and impatient 3 year old. They confirmed that my water had broken but since I wasn't having contractions yet, I could go home and come back in the morning. I started having contractions every 45 minutes that night while trying to sleep. In the morning we still had a ton of stuff to do so while having more contractions about 20 minutes apart, I decided to take some final pictures with my little baby bump, go shopping for last minute baby stuff, get groceries, go to Starbucks and finish getting her room together. I was literally standing in line at Bed, Bath and Beyond having contractions wanting to snap on the customers at the cash because they were taking their time digging for change and asking questions about the stain remover the cashier was trying to upsell. I wanted to kick someone lol! I just wanted to pay for the damn diapers and get to the hospital and not deliver the baby in the store!

(The morning of, one of the last pics of my baby bump with Carter. I was having contractions in between these pictures lol)

We went back to the hospital around 1:00pm only to be sent away again.... They said until my contractions were closer together not to come back or if they weren't closer together by 4pm they'd call me in to be induced. 

I called them around 5:30pm to see what was going on and they said to come back in. We got back to the hospital around 8pm because I decided I wanted to nap first lol, it was a rough day. They ended up inducing me around 9:30pm and she arrived at 10:36pm.

(Patiently waiting for her to show up)

I will not get into labour details but I will say that it is by far the most painful thing I have ever been through. EVER!  Both times Dr.s didn't seem to believe me when I said how much pain I was in and they didn't think I was as far along in labour as I was so neither time did I get the epidural. 

Thankfully the gestational diabetes didn't really affect her and she didn't have to spend anytime in NICU like Carter had. She did have to have her sugar levels check a bunch though which was really sad to watch since they had to prick her feet a whole bunch.

The first week home was seriously chaotic which I deeply regret and wish that I had just spent time home relaxing with our new baby. Kyle was on vacation from work but the whole time we were so busy.

Some advice to soon to be moms, or people wanting to visit new moms right away... just relax and spend the first week home with the baby doing nothing!!! 

All we did was run around doing errands, I decided to meet with clients and show some houses, we had company over, we went to visit people, we went to 2 Easter events, went to Easter dinner, we had pictures done, and the first week literally flew by and next thing I knew, Kyle was back to work and I was alone with a newborn and a 3 year and barely got to spend time as a whole family. I was pretty depressed the first week, it was really hard. I'm sure it was a mixture of the hormones and all the chaos but it was rough and there were lots of tears.

I've been M.I.A from my blog and social media lately, as you can imagine. But now that things are getting back to normal, I'm working on lots of new posts!

My beautiful little princess! Photo by the incredibly talented Shannon Bower Photography

The sweet little "Hello My Name Is" sticker was sent to me from this amazing etsy shop here
I am so happy with the photos we have with these stickers, they're so special! We didn't tell anyone her name before she was born and these stickers made it the most special way to share her and her name with all of our friends.

Definitely check them out and order some for your soon to be little one or even for a party/baby shower. She even has these cute little "animal" themed ones below! They're so precious and the shop owner Kathe is absolutely wonderful! Thanks again Kathe :)!!!

Here is the store link again:


  1. She is stunning, contratulations and I wish you all the best!!