Saturday, February 23, 2019

GIVEAWAY! Smile Brilliant Electric Toothbrush

Happy Weekend Friends!

Today I want to talk about something that we don't really talk about often, something we tend to forget but something that is SO important... Dental Hygiene!

I recently received an electric toothbrush called the cariPro from Smile Brilliant! I have tried electric toothbrushes before but didn't enjoy them, one would even constantly snag my cheeks in it! Ouch! Needless to say, I was terrified of the darn thing and just used it without turning it on lol!

I was a little weary that I would have the same issue with this one but I was pretty excited to try it after reading about the 5 different modes it had including whitening!

The toothbrush is 100% waterproof, the heads are removable making for an easy switch when it's time for a replacement, and it even lasts 30 days with a full charge, yes it is rechargeable and comes with a charging dock! It also features 40,000 vibrations a minute delivering squeaky clean teeth! I still can't get over that, 40,000 vibrations a minute!!!

Smile Brilliant offers 3 different packages for the cariPro including The Deluxe Package, Individual Package, and also a Couples Package.

The features of the CariPro are pretty amazing! I have only had electric toothbrushes with an on/off switch so it was pretty neat getting to try out all 5 different Modes! I have sensitive gums so I was a bit nervous that I would only be able to use the sensitive mode. I tried out each mode and found that they were very powerful and effective but didn't hurt my gums like I had worried.

Clean: This is the second most powerful mode. It is the standard mode and offers a superior daily cleaning.

Whitening: This is my favourite mode and the most powerful! It removes surface stains, polishes, and delivers a vigorous deep cleaning.  I have been using it along side my Sensodyne toothpaste since I tend to have issues with cold things on my teeth. It does a really great job at cleaning, getting rid of any left over residue and it scrubs away at any stains. I mean, if you're addicted to coffee like I am, you know all about those stains! It might be a bit too powerful to use everyday so I recommend using this mode every second day and using the other 4 alternatively.

Massage: This mode offers gentle gum pulsation for gum stimulation and should be used with another cleaning mode.

Sensitive: This mode is ideal for users that find the default mode to be slightly too aggressive. This gentle cleaning mode is tuned well for those who have sensitive teeth and gums.

Gum care: This is the gum mode for a gentle cleaning along the gum line. This mode should be used with another cleaning mode for complete coverage!

The toothbrush is pretty amazing! It automatically turns off after 2 minutes which is how long you are actually supposed to brush your teeth for! It also has a quick pause after 30 seconds letting you know that it is time to move on to the next section. They recommend brushing in 4 quadrants to make sure that you are getting each individual tooth so the pause is very helpful!

The toothbrush heads also have a tongue scrubber on the back and there is a 2 year warranty!

A couple times this week, I had to rush out the door so I just grabbed my regular tooth brush. I seriously noticed a huge difference! My teeth still felt very grimy and dirty. I couldn't stop running my tongue across them and my mouth felt gross!  I absolutely love this toothbrush and definitely won't be going back to a manual, it has truly made a HUGE difference in how clean my teeth feel. The CariPro is amazing and a definite must in my daily and nightly routines!

I highly recommend that you give it try, you will be very impressed. They're so confident you'll love it, they even offer a 60 day trial!

I have teamed up with smile Brilliant and they have been kind enough to offer my readers a GIVEAWAY ($119 Smile Brilliant Credit)  so you guys can try out your very own cariPro!


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