Thursday, May 9, 2019

Chic Business Woman Style

Business woman cape

Happy Thursday my friends!!!

Real Estate has been so busy with this Spring market and I am so thankful for it. You've got to take it when it comes because in this industry, you just never know when it may die down.

One thing I really do struggle with as a business woman, is trying to find appropriate and professional outfits.

Business woman style

Business woman blazer
I don't really like showing off my shoulders, wearing skirts and definitely nothing revealing. I think it is so important to look the part and be classy while still being professional.

There's something about a blazer that really transforms your whole look. You can throw a blazer over almost anything and it instantly classes it up.

I absolutely love the look of this cape style blazer.  I find this whole "drapping your coat over the shoulders" trend very uncomfortable. Even though it looks fabulous, it always feels like it about to fall off lol. This cape/blazer has arm holes so it just appears to be hanging over your shoulders, but it's not going anywhere!

Another thing that I find always classes up an outfit is leather leggings! I find they look so chic and great for workwear! Black of course goes with everything.

I have to say, I would not wear these heels showing homes. I prefer to wear some flats so I can actually walk around the yard and really look at the outside of the home. It's just not practical wearing heels to these homes and I always remove my shoes inside anyway! These shoes are perfect though for business meetings and they really do make the outfit.

I hope you guys find some great ideas here for some chic business woman style!


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