Thursday, June 20, 2019

My Favourite Summer Drinks

Delicious summer drinks

Hello Friends!

Tomorrow is officially the first day of Summer and I wanted to kick it off with my favourite summer drinks!

Who doesn't love Summer and who doesn't love a yummy drink?! Here is a list of my favourite summer drinks that you can order today!

Quite a few of these will be from Starbucks since they are one of my favourite places to go and they just have such a delicious drink menu with so many options!

Starbucks summer drinks

Starbucks Pink Drink 

This one might just be at the very top of the list for my favourite summer drinks!!! It's a Strawberry A├žai refresher with coconut milk and it is so delicious and refreshing!

Starbucks Iced Sweetened Peach Tea (not the lemonade)

Just to clarify, every time I order this, they ask me if I want the lemonade. I prefer mine without. My girl over at Katrina Gwen Rose prefers hers with the lemonade to make it a little sweeter! I also sometimes get a regular sweetened iced black tea but I really love it with a peach tea!  I bet a blueberry flavour tea would be amazing too!

Starbucks Summer Drinks

Starbucks Iced Coconut Milk Mocha Macchiato

This is one of my most frequent go-to's! It is just so darn delicious! The caramel drizzle in it is just heavenly and so yummy!

Starbucks Dragon Drink

Similar to the pink drink. It is very tropical and refreshing with real pieces of dragon fruit!

Starbucks S'Mores, Vanilla or Ultra Caramel Frappuccino

Basically any Starbucks Frapp is absolute heaven but these 3 are my fave! If you're a rewards member, they also usually do a happy hour on Thursday evenings for BOGO free!!! Share with a friend or drink both, I'm not judging!

Second Cup Summer drinks

Second Cup Frozen Hot Chocolate

Guys, this drink is so darn good! It is absolutely delicious. It literally taste like a frozen hot chocholate but better! Yummmm!

Iced coffee

Tim Horton's Iced Coffee

I love a traditional iced coffee but I always ask for extra base because I find that it's not sweet enough without. McDonald's iced coffees are also a favourite and they are only $1!!! I like to have Caramel or Vanilla added to mine and maybe some whipped cream. That might change the price a bit but it's absolutely worth it!

Tim Horton's Iced Cappuccino

How can a Tim's Iced Capp not be on the list?! I like to order mine with chocolate milk, it is so delicious! I'm not a fan of the new oreo one, I find it is just way too sweet for me so I stick with traditional!

McDonald's Banana, Mango, Pineapple Smoothie

McDonald's Mango Banana Pineapple Protein Smoothie

This drink is soooooo good! It's tropical, not overly sweet and very refreshing! It is such a delicious combo of fruits, it makes me feel like I'm on a tropical vacation!

I hope you enjoyed my favourite summer drinks and you have maybe been introduced to something new! I would love the hear what your favourite drink is! Comment below :)!

Happy Summer my loves!!!

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