Thursday, August 22, 2019

Our Summer Project: A Relaxing Backyard Retreat

Happy Thursday Friends!!!

First I want to say a huge thank you to The Home Depot Canada for supplying some of the materials mentioned in this blog post.

You guys know how much I love Summer, we are outside every single day it is nice out! I love playing out in the yard with the kids and lounging in the pool. I really wanted a nice space for our patio furniture with some shade and a spot we can sit and relax together so we decided to build a pergola with a raised patio!!

I want to say it was pretty easy but I was just basically a "supervisor" lol! Kyle did say it really wasn't too bad to build and it that it was actually fairly easy having no experience building anything like it before. We just looked up some plans on pinterest and went from there!

There were definitely countless trips to Home Depot and a couple of minor disagreements on what the design should look like but it turned out to be absolutely gorgeous! It looks so amazing and I couldn't be happier with it.  I'm looking forward to many nights just sitting under the patio lights and sipping on some wine.

I still want to add some outdoor curtains and a friend mentioned to get shower curtains which I think is such a genius idea! I think I also want to get a little outdoor patio heater so we'll still be able to enjoy it in the fall.

We plan on selling our house within the next year and Kyle's already talking about how excited he is to build an even bigger one in our next home lol!!!  It was really fun to go and pick out the lumber and looking at plans and designs. This was our first big DIY we've done and we are now obsessed! We are looking forward to many more exciting projects so stay tuned... we've got another really exciting one coming in the next couple of weeks!

Here are some links to some DIY Pergolas via Pinterest:

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