Sunday, November 17, 2019

Etsy Gift Guide

It's that time everyone! Time for holiday gift guides and I wanted to start mine off with an "Etsy Gift Guide 2019" to show support for small businesses.

As a realtor and a blogger, I understand how hard it is to run your own business and it's even harder to run a small business! I have so much respect for small businesses and local shops, they work so hard and it can be a struggle.

Etsy is such a wonderful place for unique and custom gift ideas. I have bought some of my favourite gifts from Etsy and they are so special! So today I wanted to share with you some unique and amazing gifts!

One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven / Eight / Nine / Ten / Eleven / Twelve

One. Monogram Necklace: This is actually on my wishlist! This necklace is so pretty. I really want to get Carter and Kennedy's initials but I've seen lots of bloggers getting their own name as well. I think this would make a really beautiful gift.
Two. Outdoor Mat: I am obsessed with changing my outdoor mat every season and Christmas is no exception! I am also obsessed with this old truck and tree design! I have so many things from decor to mugs with this print and I absolutely love all of them!

Three. Bubble Bath: This company was so kind and sent me this amazing bubble bath last year and I absolutely love it! It smells incredible and creates the perfect bubble bath.

Four. Presets: My good friend over at Katrina Gwen Rose  created these amazing presets!!! These are what I use on my photos and they are such an amazing price!!! They seriously help create the prettiest photos! So many people these days are using Instagram, even if it's just to document your life or a place to keep your favourite memories. These are seriously, such an amazing gift and will take your photos to the next level!!! I would even use them to print photos and put in an album! She has really helpful instructions as well and it makes it super easy!

Five. Family Ornament: I ordered this last year for our little family and it was my most favourite thing! It is sooo cute and such a great keepsake. Such an amazing and thoughtful gift!

Six. Family Portrait: Similar to the family ornament but this makes an amazing and thoughtful art piece to hang up all year long!!! If someone bought me this as a gift I would probably cry lol! It's such a thoughtful and beautiful idea!

Seven. Cylinder Planter: These planters are so pretty and who doesn't love succulents and cacti?!

Eight. Planner Stickers: I am so obsessed with my day planners and cute little stickers to decorate them! 

Nine. Customizable Travel Coffee Cup: OK these have been so popular this year and I completely understand why!!! I have seen so many cute ones and my favourite is probably "mom fuel"! Who wouldn't love a coffee cup with the Starbucks logo and their name?!

Ten. Bathbombs: Because who doesn't love a relaxing bath?!

Eleven. Llama Mug: I know I'm not the only one obsessed with llamas! Every time I share my llama mug  similar to this, everyone asks where I bought it!

Twelve. Custom Makeup bags: These makeup bags are the prettiest colours and I love the gold foil monogram!

Thirteen. Llama Christmas Cards: Again with the llamas...need I say more?! These handmade christmas cards are too cute!

Fourteen. Magnets: These magnets are too cute and have the funniest sayings!

Fifteen. Gorgeous Budget Envelops: I love how pretty they are and they sure would help with trying to budget!

Sixteen. Zodiac Print Star Map: These are such beautiful prints and would make such a gift for home decor.

Seventeen. Vanilla Rose Cleansing balm and moisturizer: This sounds so amazing and I bet it smells incredible!

Eighteen. Monthly Planner: Who doesn't need a planner?! And this one is so pretty!

Nineteen. Cactus/Succulent Seed Mix: Who doesn't love succulents?! Grow your own cactus and succulents. How perfect would the above planters be for these?!

Twenty. Wood Bead Garland: These are so beautiful and make the cutest home decor.

Twenty-One. Farmhouse Pillows: Another super cute piece for the home!

Twenty-Two. Hand-written Recipe Tea Towel: I think these are absolutely amazing! This would make such a thoughtful gift with someones favourite recipe or a special family recipe. 

Twenty-Three. Buddy The Elf Christmas Candle: This is just too cute and funny!!! Who doesn't love Elf?! They have many other options like "This Is Us" and "Love Actually".

I hope you enjoyed this Etsy Gift Guide! Let me know your favourite Etsy finds below in the comments.

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