Sunday, November 24, 2019

Holiday Hair Must Haves

Happy weekend friends!!!!

The holiday parties are quickly approaching and I sure do love a good party but hate trying to prepare. As if this time isn't busy enough, we have to plan what to wear and how to do our makeup and hair. I absolutely love getting dolled up but there's nothing worse than not having a plan and things going wrong. Next thing you know, you have to start all over and you end up running behind or you just give up and throw your hair in a plain old ponytail that doesn't look too cute!

Today I am sharing with you my "Holiday Hair Must Haves" and hopefully they make your holiday events just a little bit easier.

One. Shampoo & Conditioner

It all starts with shampoo and conditioner! For updo's, it is best to not have freshly cleaned hair. If I'm wearing my hair down, it has to be freshly washed or it always looks like it's stuck to my head.

Finesse was so kind to send me their Silver Beauty line and I absolutely love it! I am always looking for a really great purple shampoo to get rid of brass, yet is gentle on my dry hair. Silver Beauty does a really great job at getting rid of those brassy, yellow tones in my hair. I only go to the salon about twice a year so my hair tends to get quite yellow but this has really brought the original platinum blonde highlights back to life and makes my hair really nice and soft! Plus, the price is such a steal!

Two. Heat Protector

If you are using hot tools, a hear protector is a MUST! Hot tools do so much damage on hair and especially if you have dry or colour treated hair.

Three. Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo is such a miracle product and a true life saver! Doing an up do? Perfect! Just spray in a really great dry shampoo and you save yourself time from having to wash and dry your hair! Even if I'm wearing my hair down, I'll sometimes add in some dry shampoo if I want some extra volume and oomph!

Four. Pretty Accessories

This is the fun part! Some cute clips can really glam up your hair style and make a statement! I received this one from Philocaly and absolutely love it! It's so pretty!

Headbands! You can seriously just throw on a headband and jazz up any regular hair style and it looks so pretty! I love this gorgeous rose gold one from Philocaly.

Bows and ribbons! This is such an easy and really inexpensive way to add some holiday style to your hair. Don't toss out ribbons from gifts you receive, save them for accessories! I used some ribbon I had received from a gift the previous year and it looked so pretty! You can also buy some really inexpensive ribbon from the Dollar Store, Wal-Mart or Michaels.

Don't forget your bobby pins! I use blonde ones so they aren't as noticeable in my hair.
Pro Tip: the wavy side of the bobby pin is supposed to be against your hair to prevent slipping. You can also spray a little hair spray on them for extra grip.

Five. Hairspray

Make sure to use a really good hair spray to hold your beautiful style.

Six. Hair Treatment

I like to do a really nice hair treatment when I get home from an event. There's so much product and sometimes teasing that my hair gets a bit destroyed. Sometimes I'll just put a bunch of coconut oil in my hair and wash it out the following morning. Sephora also sells some really great hair masks that you can leave in overnight.

If my hair feels really dry or damaged, I'll wait until the following day when I wash my hair and use a salon treatment after I shampoo.

If you're looking for some holiday hairstyles, I always like to check Pinterest and Youtube! They have so many great ideas and really help to show you how to recreate the look.

Here are some great tutorials:

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Check out my friend Thalita's "Revlon Salon One Step Hair Straightening Brush Review". This would be such a great tool for a quick and easy straight hairstyle. She has lots of great tips and styles too so be sure to check out her page!

I hope you like these tips and I hope you have so much fun at your holiday parties this season!

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