About Me

Hi friends!!! My name is Amanda and I am a Canadian Realtor and Blogger! But most importantly, I am a mommy to a handsome little boy and beautiful baby girl, and I'm engaged to my best friend (sometimes we drive each other crazy LOL, no one is perfect right?!).

I started blogging back when I was on maternity leave with my little guy about 3 years ago. I wanted a place to document my new journey of motherhood and then it kind of turned into a fashion and lifestyle blog. I love everything about fashion, style and getting dressed up! Dress up was always a favourite pass-time of mine as a small girl. I would love going to my nanny's house and trying on her glamorous dresses and jewellery. I don't see why that needs to change when you grow up!

When I'm not running around showing houses or blogging, you can find me at home with my family or hopefully on vacation lol! I love travelling and making memories with my family!

I want to continue to share my life and my favourite things, I hope you enjoy my blog :)!

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